Hmm...i listen to GUNS*N*ROSES, U2 , Bob Dylan , Steve Vai , Joe Satriani , G3 and some harmonica music


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Umm....glad i broke out from stress and depression after soo long. I have seen so many counsellers but all didn't help. What caused the stress was that eh i couldn't accept the fact that the girl i like soo much in school for 2 and a half years had a boyfriend. So this affected me almost like 3 months. I listened to Guns and Roses and played lotsa guitar so just let out the heat. Glad i am alright now.

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Thursday, June 03, 2004
I want her! Fark Off Xiao Zhu You Bitch

Argg that Xiao Zhu ..sigh so insensitive towards me. I am already so farking lovesick yet she still insult many percent do u think u can get her.

Shes really that bitchy now i know why her relationships are never successful. I like Cin kinda badly and Xiao Zhu thinks i dun stand a chance all because Cin is one of her darlings. Fark man what is this world coming to.

Posted at 18:53 by fintan
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Sunday, May 30, 2004

Yeah after 2 years , i finally bought my electric.... a Yamaha Pacifica 112J for $370.
With the guitar bag it cost $411. Whew.

I went  inside the guitar shop at music plaza and straightaway , i kinda remember seeing the man repairing guitars. After that he came out and he said he recongnized me....weird. Wah he was tapping and screaming with the guitar....( Friday )

So i bought it home and played it all day with my marshall MS-4.

Anyway , i am still feeling so lovesick...sigh...yesterday ( saturday ), i went to school and helped out with the sec 2 parents meeting. That Ester said something like," So how got aim anyone? She is already taken"....sigh make me so depress....she clearly does not know how i feel .I mean like u know i like her for 2 and a half years already. I like her sooo much . SO difficult to let go.

I am jsut shit lovesick....wish me all the best.

Posted at 14:27 by fintan
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Friday, May 14, 2004
Exams just over whew....

Ahh today exams over. Finally. Truthfully speaking , its the most relaxing exam ever! Today was chem paper.

After the exam i went to SHike's house to play the Fender HighWay One guitar. Rocking man! Zhein came along too.

After that i went to Alex's house to play the Epiphone Les Paul wah playing it makes me versatile!

Good luck to all. Love ya

Posted at 18:11 by fintan
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Shaking off the depression

I have been dam depressed and stressed up in the , nomore . I play the guitar and headbanger along the GUNS N ROSES Greatest hits. I mean like u know i vent my anger on the guitar and it feels pretty good.


Sheesh now i really don't know what to say. Where ever i go there will be guys following me. Its scary you know. In school everyone know i was..." The prefect ah O that one ah.....that petrick likes him "
even the teachers knew about it. Scary indeed.
So this affected me terribly i know he didn't rape me or anything but i was quite affected. ANyway i broke out of it. Shit you Petrick! Come to Singapore and please get caught by the poilice!

Wah till this day i still think of febe man....tsk tsk........sigh....must not think of it.

Posted at 18:04 by fintan
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Saturday, May 08, 2004
Sec 1 camp from hell

Ahh its been quite sometime from my last entry anyway lots have happen.

Umm ok lemme start. Beginning of the year , i was posted to this class...didn't like it all all. The students were just shyte and i just could not seem to adapt to it. Ehh this ones solved....i like the class now because i disovered why the students were so retarded. This boy in my class was abused by his dad so hes weird. Another kid used to score A1s for all his subjects but his mum stressed him and i guess he just exploded. He smoked , listen to really horrible punk music and lotsa other unpleasant stuff.

Next time is that i was nominated as a leader and went for the sec 1 orientation camp. Alright i really don't like to think about this actually because lotsa bad stuff happened. This boy from Indonesia likes me and he kept acting sooo gay infront of  everyone. One day while we were at the beach in Sentosa , he used his feet to make this heart shape and my name marcus next to it.....Arggg shit i kicked it and made him do push ups as punishment . He told me..." what are push to draw" What a dumb idiot. Shessh.....i really pushed myself to the limit where i developed unhealthy anger. I just kept jumping around the whole Island and i felt tired.

WHATS WORST was this------ Alright it was one day before the actualy camp started and we the foward team went to Sentosa Island to pitch the tents for the sec 1 campers the next day. At the end of the day i was at the wooden platform facing the beautiful sea and i said quite loudly. I got the right place but too bad the wrong person is here haha i was reffering to my headprefect who was sitting next to me. Well the right person i wanted was the girl i liked for 2 1/2 years. And my headprefect told me " That person already got a boyfriend". At that time i just laughed and said to her Oooo we got to leave things behind. I walked away feeling very depressed and sad. I felt like 2 1/2 years was down the drain. This affected me for the next few months. I stopped talking to people and i could not concentrate in class. It was really shitty. No words can explain the trauma hahaha.

I felt so tired i could just sleep at palawan beach. I felt tired because i was angry anyway. In the night , i slept in this damp tent lah. In the middle of the night , i keep hearing things...bees and other animals were just sooo noisy. I was just wondering WTF is this the mating season or something? It was really really noisy the peacocks were screaming away.

Whats more is that this good friend of mine Luigi an Italian and I are incharge of the cleanliness. I was soo tired that i could not speak properly. Whenever people talked to me , i felt like i was in wonderland....muffled things was all i heard. So we were scolded several times by this fucking teach called Mr Chua. He scolded both os us because we didn't pinpoint the exact location of dinner area which is the wooden platform. During dinner we had to wrap the black garbage bags around the lamp post so that the campers could dump their styrofoam boxes in their....Lugi and I rushed like headless chickens to change locations and wrap up all the lamp post we could find with black bags.

Anyway towards the end of the camp , we took a photo and i didn't eyes were near;y closed .....I couldn't think about anything i was tooo tired...i drank lotsa water but it didn't help an iota.

Alright close topic for this one.... i will post a seperate entry...Alright be off and take a break! =D

Posted at 16:39 by fintan
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Friday, November 28, 2003
1 more fish dead...

Looks like guppies are not very sturdy after all...maybe i will get Neon Tetras. A vietnam anti-war poem Newscast The vietnam war drags on In one corner of out living room The conversation turns To take it in Our smoking heads drift back to us From the grey fires of south east asia.-Ian hamilton

Posted at 15:30 by fintan
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Tuesday, November 25, 2003
Can't seem to keep guppies alive

My fish bowl hobby isn't going very well...another guppy died. I posted questions on and it seems that i wasn't meant to keep fishes until i am working. I got to buy motors, air stones and ph testing kits. Can't wait to go back to school though.

Posted at 16:32 by fintan
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Monday, November 24, 2003
2 guppies dead so far.

Hmm...2 guppies dead so far. The same thing happened. The guppy started swimming side ways and than upside down and started floating. I am getting crazy over Monica Bellucci! Shes a real beauty!

Posted at 22:08 by fintan
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Sunday, November 23, 2003
Bought 5 guppies!

Yeah after selling a total of 20 christmas cards in church, i went back home to the market and bought 5 guppies for 50 cents each and 1 fish tank for $6.50.The fish food came in colored flakes tho...don't know if colored food is safe. Whoah finally after waiting for 3 months, i have guppies...YEAH i can think of her in school everyday! Edit: 7:30pm of the male fishes 1st kept swimming side ways and after awhile it stopped moving like it was drowning in water.Anyway, i found out that all the 5 fishes are female and only 1 male.Wow the male seems to move alot more than the females. Hmm and the females seem pregnant! Hope i can sell the children for 50 cents each!

Posted at 10:32 by fintan
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Saturday, November 22, 2003
The Matrix Revolution my point of view

Hmm...i always wanted sometime exciting so i went to See the matrix rev yesterday and moment i woke up i played gunbound for 15 mins i went to tiong baru to get the tickets. Waited 10 mins and watched all the boring ads one by one. Finally the movie started. Well i will skip everything as say that i had a splitting headache after seeing all the flashes and spinning camera views. The fighting scenes between the machines and humans in the base was abit too long. Well i will rate it 3/5 stars. I don't know whats the meaning in the end. Is there anything the machines actually want from the humans??? puzzles me.

Posted at 20:40 by fintan
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